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Anti Emo League - Interview With An Emo #1

Back when the Anti Emo League was young, I (Chris) conducted this interview over email. Basically, I wanted to get to know what does an emo think? Some of the results may surprise you. I've kept the identity of the emo private, but that doesn't mean you can't still laugh at her. Read on to find out more -

Anti Emo League - So, how does being emo make you feel?

Emo Person - EMOTIONAL....god...

AEL - Why are you so emotional?

EP - Cuz I have so much emotions.

AEL - Why are all emo people are "misunderstood"?

EP - EVERYBODY IS MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!!!!!! Omg...people can't read other peoples minds...which means everybody could be faking everything...no one knows the complete truth...everyone is MISUNDERSTOOD.

AEL - Where do you stand on the whole Republican vs. Democrat thing?

EP - Anarchy...

AEL - Emos aren't anarchists, they just think they are.

EP - You wouldn't know nothing.

AEL - Why are emo people always so sad?

EP - Cuz of their emotions... I'm depressed and an insomniac.

AEL - Why don't you sleep?

EP - Cuz I cant.

AEL - Drink some hot milk at night and you'll go to sleep reeeeeel easy.

EP - Icky.

AEL - Are all emo people dairy haters, because dairy farmers are hard working American citizens too.

EP - No, I like milk... I despise cheese though except on pizza and grilled cheese.

AEL - What do emo people have against cheese?

EP - It makes you constipated.

AEL - Are all emo people constipated?

EP - No... but cheese makes people constipated...and plus its just rotten milk...sickening.

AEL - True, anyways, why do emos always wear black?

EP - Well, why do you always wear black?

AEL - Right now, I'm wearing a lovely blue shirt and some brownish pants, not black.

EP - Well I'm wearing a white and orange shirt with blue jeans.

AEL - So you're not emo?

EP - I am, but not like 100% ... more like 30%.

AEL - What!? Only 30%, that not good enough to be emo!

EP - OK, maybe 50...but whatever.

AEL - So you're half emo, what about the rest?

EP - Depressed, punk, Lancer fanatic.

AEL - Emos like hockey?

EP - I like hockey.

AEL - Anyways, I think that will do for an interview, any last words?

EP - You suck.

So there you go. Hopefully this gives you some insight to the plight of the emo, if not give you more reason to hate them. You can expect more interviews like this in the future.

The done.

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